Image courtesy: J Shankar

Dharmakshetra and Self-worth

2nd Aug 2016 By : Raghu Ananthanarayanan

My work as a behavioural Scientist and a Yoga Mentor offers me a unique location from which to observe how people experience themselves and their communities. I mostly faciltate laboratory learning groups where very intimate conversations based on self disclosure is the basis of the learning. Let me take you through two anecdotes which represent a large trend.

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Yoga Sutras- A Framework For Transformational Coaching

8th Mar 2016 By : Raghu Ananthanarayanan

I came into the study of Yoga at a time when I was searching for a direction in life, a meaning that was meaningful and inspiring. I was just out of college, very concerned about issues like Environmental Degradation; I had read “Limits to Growth” and was having intense conversations with my friends on Marx and Marcuse. We met a lot of the early 60’s generation of ‘conscientious objectors’ people who would later on be called Hippies, and who w...

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